Director: Borys Lankosz; Poland, 2015 ,110min; Polish w. subtitles
A thriller that pits reason against distrust. Soon after big-shot prosecutor Teodor Szacki moves to the city of Sandomierz, he is called in to solve a case: a woman was found dead outside a synagogue, her neck slashed, and a knife used for shechita (kosher slaughter of animals) found nearby. As more murders occur, a wave of anti-Semitism unfurls and Szacki must not only solve the crimes, but also face the hysteria of public opinion and the painful history of Polish-Jewish relations. An entertaining and gripping film, based on the best-selling novel by Polish author Zygmunt Miloszewski. Note: graphic scenes

Film Partner : Carole Solomon and Charles Tapiero- Cobb

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