Director: Tova Ascher; Israel, UK, 2016; 115 min; English, Hebrew w. subtitles
Can a person reinvent herself without dealing with consequences from her past?
Maya has lived as a Jewish career woman, wife and mother, whereas in fact she was born as Nadia, daughter to a Muslim family. More than 20 years since she abandoned her previous identity, her past rears its head again. Through the unique story of its heroine, the film raises questions of identity and of the ability of society to accept the Other and forgive their Otherness.
It's a story about innocent individuals who pay a terrible price, the victims of a society that has gone awry. Jerusalem Film Festival-Israel Critics’ Forum Award for Best Feature Film.
Film Partners: Dundi and Lyon Sachs, Cobb


Director: Borys Lankosz; Poland, 2015 ,110min; Polish w. subtitles
A thriller that pits reason against distrust. Soon after big-shot prosecutor Teodor Szacki moves to the city of Sandomierz, he is called in to solve a case: a woman was found dead outside a synagogue, her neck slashed, and a knife used for shechita (kosher slaughter of animals) found nearby. As more murders occur, a wave of anti-Semitism unfurls and Szacki must not only solve the crimes, but also face the hysteria of public opinion and the painful history of Polish-Jewish relations. An entertaining and gripping film, based on the best-selling novel by Polish author Zygmunt Miloszewski. Note: graphic scenes

Film Partner : Carole Solomon and Charles Tapiero- Cobb


Director: Jonathan Geva; Israe, 2015; 90 min; Hebrew w. subtitles
Adam is a lonely kid. His parents are always busy and the kids at school tease him a lot. When he meets Abulele, a giant monster with a taste for sugary soda, the two become friends. But a governmental Special Forces unit has been deployed to catch all of the monsters haunting Jerusalem! Adam must do everything he can to save his friend. A sweet and touching tale about the meaning of friendship and believing in goodness.