Jupiter Satellite Film Festival


Monday, April 16 | 7:30 pm at Jupiter Cinépolis


Director: Amichai Greenberg, Israel, 2017, English, Hebrew, German w. subtitles. 96 min.


Yoel, a Holocaust researcher, is in the midst of a widely publicized legal battle with powerful forces in Austria, concerning a brutal massacre of Jews which took place, towards the end of WWII, in the village of Lensdorf. An influential family of industrialists on whose land the murder took place is planning to build a real estate project there. Yoel suspects that their aim is to bury the affair for good, but he has trouble finding the conclusive evidence that would stop the project. During his investigation he also hears classified testimonies of Holocaust survivors. To his shock, his mother is among them. Her secrets lead him into a double inquiry, both personal and scientific. As an historian with an unshakeable commitment to the truth, he literally digs deeper, even at the cost of ruining his personal and professional life.
Topics: Holocaust Research, Family, World War II

Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival