Jupiter Satellite Film Festival



Tuesday, April 17 | 4:00 pm at Jupiter Cinépolis


Director: Silivia Quer, Spain, Switzerland, 2017, Spanish, German w. subtitles. 98 min.


In the early 1940's, refugees from all over Europe seek shelter in South Western France, escaping persecution from the Nazis and from Franco's regime in Spain, but the refugee camps are in horrendous shape with no protection from the cold. A young Red Cross nurse, Elisabeth Eidenbenz finds an old villa nearby and transforms it into a birthing clinic, saving mothers and children from certain death. The villa becomes a safe haven for pregnant women and new mothers, but soon authorities in Nazi-occupied France demand that she hand over all Jewish refugees and their children. This feature is based on the true story of Elisabeth Eidenbenz (1913-2011) and her female co-workers who saved the lives of almost 600 infants in World War II. Awards: Luchon Festival Audience Award, Gaudi Awards and Swiss TV Awards, Best Actress.
Topics: Holocaust, WWII

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